Tenacious Queens are Ambitious Heart-Centered Entrepreneurs seeking the next level to...

Grab the 10 mistakes preventing you from $10k months

Together with your Queen Sisters, you will have access to everything you need to attract the right clients. You will grow a profitable business earning $5K, $10K, $20K or more per month to achieve the freedom-based lifestyle you desire; eradicate generational poverty curses and build a legacy to leave for your children, grandchildren and generations beyond.

We focus on the following pillars to ensure
we help a Queen achieve consistent business income:

A strong money Mindset

We go beyond vision boards and affirmations to build a strong Money mindset. This type of elevated thinking Magnetizes Money into your life with ease.

A Magenetic Marketing Message

In our community we ensure you build a million dollar brand that attracts high-end clients investing $5,000 or more in your programs/services.

Irresistible Programs & Services

It’s time to build programs that grow with your clients with radical results and create a strategy to have an 70% or better retention rate in your organization.

Tenacious Queen Academy Tracks

The Tenacious Queen Academy and team is equipped to serve women
who are in the building stages AND scaling stages of their business.

  • Tenacious Queen Track (Building Stage)
  • Queen Boss Track (Scaling Stage)
You are the Queen who has not achieved consistent $5,000 months in business. You need ample support and guidance in building a sustainable and profitable business. Below you will see all the resources to help you obtain clarity of your ideal client, niche, and building a solid 2-year business plan.

TQ Inner Circle: Tenacious Queen Inner Circle is a membership space for those who value the connection of Queen Sisters as they up level their life and business. This space is perfect to learn and apply the Positioned2Influence Sales System in order to ERADICATE generational poverty curses & become a 6-Figure, Queen Boss! In addition, you will have access to an exclusive membership site which houses video modules, quarterly VIP sessions with a TQA Coach. You will ALSO have access to LIVE Masterminds facilitated by our Master Sales Coach, Erica Stepteau every month to achieve the financial success you desire AND deserve!

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Positioned2Influence Book: 7 Steps to Become a 6-Figure Queen Boss

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You are the Queen who has achieved consistent clients totaling close to $5,000 per month or more. You need ample support and guidance in scaling your profit-generating business. Below you will see all the resources to help you become a Queen B.O.S.S (Master of Budgets, Operations, Systems, Sales).

12-Month Queen Boss Behavior Mastermind:
Queen Boss Behavior Mastermind is a program to scale your business by using the framework and results you have achieved with your clients. We will develop full cycle funnels from lead generation to sales conversion systems. You will get direct support from our Master Sales Coach who will be your COO of your business; In addition, Tech, Content, and Book Publishing support from the TQA team. This program also includes publicity opportunities to massively increase your brand exposure: Magazine cover/publications, Paid Speaking gigs. Podcast interview bookings, and TV appearances.

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Queen Boss Profit Intensives- Full Day or Half Day:
Queen Boss Profit Intensives are for the Queen who knows she will implement FAST and seeking step-by-steps plan and vision to scale her profit-generating business to $20K cash months or more. We will meet in luxurious meeting space in Cleveland, Ohio or virtually. Lunch will be included in-person. For full Day investment a 2-outfit photoshoot is included to upgrade branding and any sales pages/websites.

Please email Erica@TenaciousQueen.com for Queen Boss Profit Intensive Application

Tenacious Queen Events

Do you want to know more about our activities?
Follow the updates and never miss the workshops and seminars from our professionals.

Tenacious Queen Profit Incubators

Tenacious Queens AND Queen Bosses are invited to join us for a 2-Day Workshop to map out your profit plan and/or tweak your approach to ensure you reach 6-Figures this year!

You’ll spend these 2 days with the Tenacious Queen Academy team and a group of other Queen Bosses who came to town ready to crush it! This will be an intimate, deep dive into your business, so ONLY register if you’re ready to be completely honest about where you’re struggling – ready to bring your A-game and crush ALL excuses.

        • Feb 22-23: Las Vegas, NV (SOLD OUT)
        • May 17-18: Los Angeles, CA (SOLD OUT)
        • Aug 16-17: New York, NY

Happy Hour with a Purpose Workshops- Cleveland, Ohio

Tenacious Queens are invited to monthly, hands-on workshops to elevate business-building strategies for more impact, money, and freedom. This is also an excellent opportunity to network with like-minded Queen sisters.

Hosts: Erica Stepteau (Award-winning Sales Coach) & Brittney Moffat (Award-winning Content Manager)

 First Tuesday of each month beginning May 17, 2019

Tenacious Queen Bali Retreat

It’s the Ultimate Up-leveling Queen Experience! 7 Days and 6 Nights of Life and Biz Exponential growth in the heat of one of the most spiritual countries in the world, BALI, INDONESIA!

Meet the Tenacious Queen Coaches

Erica Stepteau

Founder/Master Sales Coach

A fierce advocate for heart-centered women business leaders, Erica Stepteau is a speaker, best-selling author and affectionately known as the “Queen of Sales Coaching” by her clients. She is the founder of the Tenacious Queens Academy, an online community committed to helping 1 million women entrepreneurs master the art of selling with ease, so they can increase their impact and multiply their money – without sacrificing their freedom.


Morgan Edwards

Tech Strategist & Systems Guru

As your Chief Tech Officer, her and her team partner with you to ensure your systems are set up properly, streamline your processes through automation, and manage all aspects of your business’s technology/tools, while you continue to function while you continue working in your “zone of genius” as the CEO of your company. 

Brittney Moffatt

Content Writer & Social media strategist

Brittney Moffatt is the content writer and social media strategist who helps entrepreneurs grow their influence, visibility and engaged audience through content marketing! Her mission is to help women find their voice and speak confidently about their mission.


Dr. Jackie Evans Phillips


Dr. Jackie Evans is the founder of Dr. Jackie Life Changers LLC, a company that empowers individuals to use writing as a tool to stimulate healing and life transformations. This transformative process enables her clients or Life Changers to ignite their warrior spirits to create impact within their communities as they document and share their life stories and books.

Jacinta Parris


Jacinta Parris is an award winning Virtual Assistant to busy female entrepreneurs, she specializes in administrative, social media and lifestyle management. Jacinta also coaches other aspiring VA’s on how to build a lasting business with a higher purpose.


What Our Clients are Saying About Us

Angela Matthews earned $50,000 CASH in 8 weeks!

Morgan Edwards went from $0-$5K CONSISTENT CASH MONTHS!

Brittney Moffatt tripled her Business Income in 90 Days!

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