Are You Waiting With The Right Attitude?

As we’re all quarantined and anticipating the day when things get back to normal, I want to give a message of encouragement on how to manage your energy during this time.

Everyone is waiting for something. No matter how confident, powerful, and in-demand a person can be “online,” there is something “offline” in their heart that they desire and/or God has promised that only the Lord himself can bring to life. 

Don’t let these energy healers and/or spiritual advisors pump up your ego saying, “You are God and 100% in control of every aspect of your life.” We are made in HIS IMAGE, but we are NOT God himself. 

Sure, there is a lot we can do because God himself gave us free will. We can master self-control to lose weight and break bad habits. We can increase our productivity in business for more sales/visibility. We can put in work in our marriage for better communication. But, there are just some things ONLY the Lord can do. 

For example, He Brings life into this world and He takes life out of this world. The Lord Heals diseases. Mend broken relationships when you do your part and etc.

Some of you are waiting on the Lord for a documented miracle in your home, health, or wealth. You have done everything in your power to change the situation. You’ve hired every expert, downloaded every resource, called on friends, and even prayed about it to the Lord with little or no results. You may feel hopeless and frustrated. But today, I want to encourage you. All because you are waiting on something doesn’t mean you are cursed and that you have done something wrong. In fact, you may be waiting on that thing because you have done all the things right. HE CHOSE YOU to be the example of that documented miracle. We are in a season where God wants ALL credit. So, he have chosen a few of you who have exhausted all avenues and forced you to surrender to him for the promise (Wealth, Health, or Relationship) in order for him to get ALL the glory when he brings it to life. 

We live in a culture where convenience is king. If It isn’t convenient, we don’t want anything to do with it. We want music on-demand. Movies on-demand. Relationships on-demand. Most People crumble during a waiting period. We get impatient with traffic. We get impatient with kids. We get impatient with clients. We get impatient with business sales. We, as a society, can barely wait on food to heat up in the microwave. Let alone wait on God to perform a documented miracle. 

Patience is not easy and requires 100% submission. The word “submission” already made some of you cringe. Despite all the inner conflict going on in your head while waiting for a promise you are also combating societal pressures from your family, peers, and social media.

As I have been developing my Patience muscles with a promise God gave me 5 years years ago, he gave me this word: “While you’re waiting on God do what waiters do: SERVE.”

While you are waiting on your miracle, who can you serve? While you are waiting, what attitude can you display? 

Remember, there are some promises where the only payment required is PATIENCE. It’s not going to be your money, hustle, tenacity, or charisma. 

In order to receive THAT promise, you must obtain one of the most challenging gifts of the spirit: PATIENCE 

PATIENCE is one of the greatest gifts God can give to you! Instead of repelling it, receive it with open arms and watch God fulfill those deepest desires in your heart.

Here is a 5 minute video reference from Pastor Mike Todd:

What are you doing in your waiting period?