Is Entrepreneurship Right For You?

You’ve been inspired by so many influencers online and the amount of money they have earned operating in their gifts. But for some reason, you’re not earning the money you desire despite being on this journey for a while. You’ve been consistently showing up online, investing in mentorship/courses, and have not secured ONE client. 

At this point, you are frustrated and confused about what to do next. Have you ever thought about the fact that you may not be cut out for the entrepreneurial journey? 

Coming to this realization can be difficult. Here’s how you can access if entrepreneurship may not be for you:

You hate being on the forefront or center of attention – In order to build an authentic business, you must show up. You have to be present in your business. For your clients, in your marketing and for your brand.

You don’t want to sell your programs/services – Without sales, your business is a hobby. If you’re spending money on course and coaching, you have an expensive hobby. You must be able to make sales to be an entrepreneur. 

You are afraid of taking risks/chances – Any entrepreneur will tell you that starting a business is a huge risk. Failure is a real option. But, you must be willing to take the risk if you want to get to your reward of freedom and more income.

You don’t want to serve without an invoice attached  – Building relationships is key as you build your business. This may require you to provide free services, beta programs to obtain market research, and strategic partnerships with like-minded consultants. As you grow, these relationships will become beneficial.

You don’t want to work – When building a business, you can easily invest 20 hours a week or more when first getting started while working a 9-5. You may even spend 60+ hours after you become fully self-employed. If you’re not accustomed to working hard, entrepreneurship isn’t for you.

You’re not willing to be coached/mentored – A coach or a mentor will help you accelerate your business. You need to be able to take guidance or suggestion especially from those you admire in business. 

You’re Afraid to Fail – Failing is inevitable. You will have successes and failures throughout this journey. As an entrepreneur, you must learn to accept failure and learn from it. You cannot let failure stop you.

You have no money management skills – Cash flow will happen in your business, so you must understand how to manage money. If you struggle with managing your personal finances, it’s wise to meet with a financial advisor or coach to help you. You want a financially strong business.

You don’t know your strengths and weaknesses – You will have to learn your zone of genius as a business owner. Focus on what you’re good at first, improve on what you’re not and outsource when you’re bringing in business income. 

You suck at managing your time – Time is your most valuable asset. If you’re are all over the place with no structure, it will be difficult to grow. You need to allocate days in your schedule and set boundaries in your life.

If you agree with 6 or more of these statements, then full-time entrepreneurship may not be the appropriate path for you as a trailblazer. 

Don’t be discouraged, you may be able to use your gifting as a supporting agent for other entrepreneurs: For example, Oprah, Lisa Nichols, and Nicole Walters. These are Trailblazing Entrepreneurs who are always in need of supporting agents for their businesses. Working as a full-time entrepreneur as a trailblazer is NOT the only career path. There are many options for you to share your gift with the world. Start partnering with trailblazers. 

Don’t allow social media influencers to force you to feel any less about yourself because you don’t own a successful business. Success can be obtained in so many other ways in life.

If you can agree with 4 or less of these statements, then that means you are a trailblazer in the making! I highly recommend you secure mentorship in the areas you feel like you need the most support in to cultivate your skillset. As a sales coach, I help my clients build their sales skills, create a profit plan and create an irresistible marketing message.

Where do you need the most support in your business?