Are You Waiting With The Right Attitude?

As we’re all quarantined and anticipating the day when things get back to normal, I want to give a message of encouragement on how to manage your energy during this time.

Everyone is waiting for something. No matter how confident, powerful, and in-demand a person can be “online,” there is something “offline” in their heart that they desire and/or God has promised that only the Lord himself can bring to life. 

Don’t let these energy healers and/or spiritual advisors pump up your ego saying, “You are God and 100% in control of every aspect of your life.” We are made in HIS IMAGE, but we are NOT God himself. 

Sure, there is a lot we can do because God himself gave us free will. We can master self-control to lose weight and break bad habits. We can increase our productivity in business for more sales/visibility. We can put in work in our marriage for better communication. But, there are just some things ONLY the Lord can do. 

For example, He Brings life into this world and He takes life out of this world. The Lord Heals diseases. Mend broken relationships when you do your part and etc.

Some of you are waiting on the Lord for a documented miracle in your home, health, or wealth. You have done everything in your power to change the situation. You’ve hired every expert, downloaded every resource, called on friends, and even prayed about it to the Lord with little or no results. You may feel hopeless and frustrated. But today, I want to encourage you. All because you are waiting on something doesn’t mean you are cursed and that you have done something wrong. In fact, you may be waiting on that thing because you have done all the things right. HE CHOSE YOU to be the example of that documented miracle. We are in a season where God wants ALL credit. So, he have chosen a few of you who have exhausted all avenues and forced you to surrender to him for the promise (Wealth, Health, or Relationship) in order for him to get ALL the glory when he brings it to life. 

We live in a culture where convenience is king. If It isn’t convenient, we don’t want anything to do with it. We want music on-demand. Movies on-demand. Relationships on-demand. Most People crumble during a waiting period. We get impatient with traffic. We get impatient with kids. We get impatient with clients. We get impatient with business sales. We, as a society, can barely wait on food to heat up in the microwave. Let alone wait on God to perform a documented miracle. 

Patience is not easy and requires 100% submission. The word “submission” already made some of you cringe. Despite all the inner conflict going on in your head while waiting for a promise you are also combating societal pressures from your family, peers, and social media.

As I have been developing my Patience muscles with a promise God gave me 5 years years ago, he gave me this word: “While you’re waiting on God do what waiters do: SERVE.”

While you are waiting on your miracle, who can you serve? While you are waiting, what attitude can you display? 

Remember, there are some promises where the only payment required is PATIENCE. It’s not going to be your money, hustle, tenacity, or charisma. 

In order to receive THAT promise, you must obtain one of the most challenging gifts of the spirit: PATIENCE 

PATIENCE is one of the greatest gifts God can give to you! Instead of repelling it, receive it with open arms and watch God fulfill those deepest desires in your heart.

Here is a 5 minute video reference from Pastor Mike Todd:

What are you doing in your waiting period?

Is Entrepreneurship Right For You?

You’ve been inspired by so many influencers online and the amount of money they have earned operating in their gifts. But for some reason, you’re not earning the money you desire despite being on this journey for a while. You’ve been consistently showing up online, investing in mentorship/courses, and have not secured ONE client. 

At this point, you are frustrated and confused about what to do next. Have you ever thought about the fact that you may not be cut out for the entrepreneurial journey? 

Coming to this realization can be difficult. Here’s how you can access if entrepreneurship may not be for you:

You hate being on the forefront or center of attention – In order to build an authentic business, you must show up. You have to be present in your business. For your clients, in your marketing and for your brand.

You don’t want to sell your programs/services – Without sales, your business is a hobby. If you’re spending money on course and coaching, you have an expensive hobby. You must be able to make sales to be an entrepreneur. 

You are afraid of taking risks/chances – Any entrepreneur will tell you that starting a business is a huge risk. Failure is a real option. But, you must be willing to take the risk if you want to get to your reward of freedom and more income.

You don’t want to serve without an invoice attached  – Building relationships is key as you build your business. This may require you to provide free services, beta programs to obtain market research, and strategic partnerships with like-minded consultants. As you grow, these relationships will become beneficial.

You don’t want to work – When building a business, you can easily invest 20 hours a week or more when first getting started while working a 9-5. You may even spend 60+ hours after you become fully self-employed. If you’re not accustomed to working hard, entrepreneurship isn’t for you.

You’re not willing to be coached/mentored – A coach or a mentor will help you accelerate your business. You need to be able to take guidance or suggestion especially from those you admire in business. 

You’re Afraid to Fail – Failing is inevitable. You will have successes and failures throughout this journey. As an entrepreneur, you must learn to accept failure and learn from it. You cannot let failure stop you.

You have no money management skills – Cash flow will happen in your business, so you must understand how to manage money. If you struggle with managing your personal finances, it’s wise to meet with a financial advisor or coach to help you. You want a financially strong business.

You don’t know your strengths and weaknesses – You will have to learn your zone of genius as a business owner. Focus on what you’re good at first, improve on what you’re not and outsource when you’re bringing in business income. 

You suck at managing your time – Time is your most valuable asset. If you’re are all over the place with no structure, it will be difficult to grow. You need to allocate days in your schedule and set boundaries in your life.

If you agree with 6 or more of these statements, then full-time entrepreneurship may not be the appropriate path for you as a trailblazer. 

Don’t be discouraged, you may be able to use your gifting as a supporting agent for other entrepreneurs: For example, Oprah, Lisa Nichols, and Nicole Walters. These are Trailblazing Entrepreneurs who are always in need of supporting agents for their businesses. Working as a full-time entrepreneur as a trailblazer is NOT the only career path. There are many options for you to share your gift with the world. Start partnering with trailblazers. 

Don’t allow social media influencers to force you to feel any less about yourself because you don’t own a successful business. Success can be obtained in so many other ways in life.

If you can agree with 4 or less of these statements, then that means you are a trailblazer in the making! I highly recommend you secure mentorship in the areas you feel like you need the most support in to cultivate your skillset. As a sales coach, I help my clients build their sales skills, create a profit plan and create an irresistible marketing message.

Where do you need the most support in your business?

7 Reasons Why Introverts Make The Best Sales People (So Stop Using It As An Excuse To Play Small)

As an introvert, you may like to stay to yourself, you might become socially exhausted after events, or you have a small circle of friends.

There is a common misconception that introverts are shy, loner people who cannot excel in social situations. Let alone as a thriving entrepreneur.

I’m here to tell you that being an introvert, doesn’t mean you can’t be a dynamic salesperson.

But, why do more people think Extroverted people are the best salespeople?

The first impression of sales is that you must be outspoken, charismatic, and have a ton of friends. Yes, these things can be helpful in the sales process. However, they are not the only attributes that deem a closed sale or a dynamic salesperson.

Here are 7 reasons why introverts can make great salespeople:

1)      You Are Observant

This is one of the many amazing skillsets of a salesperson. Only 7% of your communication is the words you say. The other 93% of your communication is body language. Introverts tend to be more observant of body language, change of tone and other non-verbal cues. When you’re in a meeting with a potential client, this not only comes in handy but can help you understand your client better. Ultimately, leading to a better chance of closing a deal.

2)      You Have a Plan

While extroverts have a tendency to create a plan after they jump out of a plane. On the other hand, Introverts typically create a concrete plan and structure which is very helpful in the sales process. It creates consistency and provides security to their prospective clients/customers. The best salespeople has a proven system they use every single time to close sales.

3)      Listening is Your Middle Name

Selling is just as much listening as it is actually selling. As a salesperson, you need to understand the pain points, needs, and desires of your client. Introverts tend to excel at listening and being adaptable to the needs of their customers. You can use this to your advantage in any part of the sales process.

4)      You Value Deep Relationships

Introverts are not fond of having a list of acquaintances. Instead, they prefer to have deep relationships with other people. When you’re working a deal with a potential client, a genuine and deep relationship will take you further. Sales are all about trust and relationships. As an introvert, you have a leg up because you tend to create these relationships anyway.

5)   You Are a Realist

Extroverts have a tendency to lean into emotion during the sales process. However, introverts will lean into the reality of outcomes/products which provides more concrete disclaimers prior to a customer’s purchase. This approach minimizes refunds/dissatisfied customers. 

6) You are More Reserved

Extroverts tend to have big personalities and are not afraid to present themselves. While introverts are more conservative and quiet. New studies are showing that the outgoing, charming salesperson stereotype is actually starting to turn potential customers off. In fact, some people put their guard up when they approached by this type of salesperson. This shift in how people react to salespeople can be an advantage for introverts. Your reserved personality may be exactly what helps you relate to your potential client.

7) You Prefer to Not Talk at All

Back in the day, extroverts were often seen as the most qualified salespeople because of cold-calling. To engage in cold-calling, you need to be energetic and have refined social skills. Today, most decision-makers are making it harder to get them on a phone call. We rely more on nurturing and communicating through email than ever before. This is where introverts can measure up even when they are not as social or talkative as extroverts. 

How to Sell as an Introvert

To be effective, be sure to do your research and be prepared. This will boost your confidence and allow you to spend less time thinking of what to say. Instead, you can simply converse without any doubt.

Allow time for yourself to recharge. Networking events or back to back sales calls can be physically draining for introverts. Introverts tire easily from social activities which can make it difficult to interact. Make space for alone time in your schedule or try other traditional energy methods like coffee.

Lastly, don’t use being an introvert as an excuse to not try. There are many introverts who excel in business and entrepreneurship. The key is to understand yourself and develop your skills. 

As a whole, we tend to overlook the value that introverts bring to the table. Being introverted does not disqualify you from being an exceptional salesperson. In fact, you can be an equal asset to your extroverted counterparts if you hone your skills and embrace yourself as an introvert.